Friday, 1 January 2016

Changes to Make in 2016

2016 IS HERE!!

To a lot of us, it's a time for celebration and partying, but for some, it's just another year and another day. Either way is fine, but it's a good mark stone for starting something new or making changes in our lives to make them easier or make us better, whether physically or mentally.

This year is a big year for me and everyone who is in Year 11 in the UK. It is the year we do our GCSEs. These are pretty big exams that cover most of the secondary school education and are compulsory to do, allowing us to continue in full time education, which, here in the UK, is until we are 18. So yeah, GCSEs are a big deal, and cause a lot of stress for many of us young teenagers.
Previously, my method of revision when it comes to exams is; wake up, go on phone, think about revising, feel sick, have breakfast, have a shower, sit down on laptop and procrastinate.
DO NOT DO THIS!! It might seem like the most comfortable option for you, but it just results in an unreal amount of panic and stress and makes everything 10x worse for you, especially when it comes to revising at 8pm the night before the said exam.
So this year, I am going to try and make myself more organised in my revision and come up with a well laid out plan of revision time. It is crazy important to get an equal amount of time doing revision and chilling out, otherwise you will just get overworked and exhausted. Not Good.

I am also turning 16 this year. A young adult. It's crazy. I look back at what I can remember from my childhood and all I can see is me and my burning desire to grow up and impress everyone around me. Where did my childhood go? This year, even though since a little girl I have wanted to grow up, I now actually want to grow up. I hope to do this by being more brave, doing things that would normally scare me. This may not be anything drastic, like jumping out of a plane, but more like standing up for myself and voicing my opinions and not giving up when I get knocked down.

Anyways, I've talked far to much,
See you next Friday,

Adios Amigos


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