Friday, 5 August 2016

Thank You

*this gets very deep and honest*

It's Been Five Years...

So last Tuesday my year group had our leavers assembly, and suddenly the prospect of growing up has become so much bigger and more real than it ever has been. It's so weird to think that I will probably never see about 60% of the people I have spent the past five, some thirteen, years with, again.

This blog post is more of a thank you post to my school. I love it. Yes, there have been times when I would have gladly set fire to the place and watched it burn down with sheer joy, but those times certainly do not outway the times when I've never wanted to leave and not been able to wait for the morning so I can come back in. This whole concept of 'liking school' may come as a bit weird to many of you, as we're all supposed to hate school and the staff and being educated, but I can explain. I'm not sure if any of you will understand why by the end of this, but if you've had similar experiences, I'm sure you can relate.