Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Happy Place

Everybody has one...

There's a place where each and everyone of us feels content and happy, whether it be in the hills, in the sea, just generally outside in the fresh air, tucked up in bed, or even just being surrounded by people we feel content and comfortable with, we all have that one place where we feel most like ourselves.
Mine is no doubt the sea, or just generally the coastal area. Rain or shine it never fails to calm me down and take me away from things I don't want to think about. But for me, it's not just any old coastal area, not just any old sea. It's Bude (the Cornwall one, not the Devon one). I've gone there every year for the past 14 years and it, without fail, makes me so happy. As most of you are aware, my relationship with my parents isn't exactly angelic, in fact, to call it rocky is an understatement, anyways, even Bude somehow manages to temporarily reconcile most differences.