Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Happy Place

Everybody has one...

There's a place where each and everyone of us feels content and happy, whether it be in the hills, in the sea, just generally outside in the fresh air, tucked up in bed, or even just being surrounded by people we feel content and comfortable with, we all have that one place where we feel most like ourselves.
Mine is no doubt the sea, or just generally the coastal area. Rain or shine it never fails to calm me down and take me away from things I don't want to think about. But for me, it's not just any old coastal area, not just any old sea. It's Bude (the Cornwall one, not the Devon one). I've gone there every year for the past 14 years and it, without fail, makes me so happy. As most of you are aware, my relationship with my parents isn't exactly angelic, in fact, to call it rocky is an understatement, anyways, even Bude somehow manages to temporarily reconcile most differences.

I've been to Bude in the past week and it has just revived me and pushed me. The place, the people, the environment, there's nothing better in my world. Yes it's not exactly 30 degrees with palm tree and pina coladas, but what it is, is mildly lukewarm sun, sea and surf and to me, there's nothing better. It has some unreal views and walks and is so close to many places to visit. The weather is so unpredictable I guess it kind of adds to the excitement. (Obviously the same can be said for the whole of the UK, but when you're on holiday...)

100% one of the main things that makes me feel sooo much better is the waves. Not just the look of them as they crash up against the cliffs, or the sound they make as they do so, but the weight they take off you when you're in them. The way they pick you up and carry you without you having to put in any effort in just makes me so relaxed and trouble-free. I guess you could say its hypnotic, takes you away to a place of peace and meditation. It is something I would highly recommend, provided you stay within the lifeguard flags... obviously... the British tide and current can drag you away to anywhere and anyplace (please stay safe in the sea thanks bye). I guess sometimes that's just what you need; something to pick you up and carry you, something that takes the weight off your shoulders. Obviously wear a wetsuit if you're in the British sea because that shit is frreeezzing, especially now its autumn. If you're trying to relax in the water and you're freezing tits off, it's probably not going to work and you'll just go blue with your toes falling off... not exactly what I'd call 'relaxing'.

Another thing I LOVE doing is running across the cliffs every morning. Aaahh!!! It is so good. I go running most days when I'm at home, but there's something so different about a cliff run with sea air, something that gets you going. Living in the centre of the UK, fresh air doesn't exactly have a regular appearance. I mean, it's not as if we have a shortage of oxygen, but you really notice the difference between sea air and central midlands. In the morning with the breeze, the views, the air and the waves, there isn't much else that can wake me up and get me ready for a day, so when I get the chance to, I'm gonna take it! No music is required, you run to the beat of the waves on the never ending pathway of the edge of your land. (I guess, if you don't live on an island then you might struggle)

Now, I'm not a massive food eater. I know! Shock horror! I have my moments where I will just binge on everything, but most of the time I'm not majorly into the whole eating thing. I have food, don't get me wrong, I just don't particularly snack in between.  However... when in Cornwall, one does not stick to ones usual routine. No. One eats Cornish Pasties and Cornish Ice Cream and does one feel bad about it? HHHEELLLLL NNOO... well, right now I do, but at the time, nope. Yes, you can probably buy them from your local store from the freezer section, ready for you to heat up in the oven or scoop out for your apple crumble, but just buying something traditionally Cornish, in a Cornish land, surrounded by Cornish people, it somehow makes it taste sooo much better. Maybe it's just because it's fresh and home-grown, but it does taste boss.

 So I'm going to leave you now, with a load of pictures from my happy place. Take a think about where yours is. Have you been there recently? Have you had the chance to just take a breather and stand back? If not, do it. Do it now. Look at things from a distance, or just block them out for a day or two. Yes, this won't remove the problem you're facing, but, if you need to take that step back, take it. Maybe it will help put things in a different perspective? Or maybe, just maybe it will give you the boost to continue on that little bit more.

Adios Amigos


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