Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Winter Essentials


Never did I once think that this would be as hard as it was, but one of you lovely people emailed me, requesting I do this, so that I shall.

So it's getting colder and colder here and the UK, not to the extreme levels of, like, Greenland, but it's certainly parky. I mean, it hasn't quite reached 0 degrees just yet, but it's about 4. That's still rather chilly. Anyways, cold weather means different skin requirements. Your skin dries out and your lips crack and you get colds and it's all just rather grim. So I've attempted to put together a few of my winter-skin-care-weapons that have got me through winters past...

1: Simple Kind to Skin Facial Wash and Moisturiser
Simple Kind to Skin Facial Wash and Moisturiser

This stuff is my actual life saver when it comes to skin care throughout the winter months. It is so good for your skin, by cleansing and moisturising it, working well with it's matched product, the 'Kind to Skin' moisturiser. I use these products twice a day and always notice a dramatic improvement in my skin; not only is it less dry, but it is also clearer. My skin is extremely acne prone, especially during 'that time of the month'. Even though this product doesn't stop me from getting spots altogether, it certainly reduces the size and redness of them, meaning I feel a lot more confident going out with less make up on, and we all know that make up doesn't help spots at all. The moisturiser not only moisturises (how very shocking) but also provides UV protection which is still important in winter months, the sun still shines you know...These products are also cheap to buy. You can buy the facial wash from Superdrug for £3.59 and the moisturiser for £5.99.

2: Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun
Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun

Now, I know you're probably thinking, 'Beth come on, what you doing. It's winter...' but bear with me on this. As I previously said, the sun still shines in the winter months, we're just further away from it so don't feel it's heat as much. The sun still shines and can still damage our skin, meaning it needs protecting.  Every night, before I go to bed, I put a bit of after sun on my face. Now, obviously I have rather sensitive skin, so I would probably react worse to the sun then many of you readers, but it's always a good idea to look after your skin, especially in the winter months as this is when you least expect it. It hydrates your skin. Need I say more?? I don't know about others, but this one apparently lasts 24 hours, which is a pretty long time if you ask me. It also contains naturally derived Aloe Vera which is rich in vitamins and minerals and is known for it's calming and soothing properties. It just feels fresh on your face and cooling. It smells pretty great too. You can get it for about £3.99 but I'm pretty sure prices vary depending on where you purchase it from.

3: L'Oreal Elvive Miracle Hair Protector

L'Oréal Elvive Miracle Hair Protector
We all know that winter months means dried out hair ends that turn into icicles that break off. Not with this. My hair is pretty thick and frizzy and so therefore very difficult to control and maintain. The name 'Miracle Hair Protector' means what it says. It is MIRACULOUS. This stuff is amazing, I just wish there was more in a bottle. I first bought this in the airport on the way out to hot sunny Greece in July, and it hasn't left my dressing table since I got back. My hair dries out more in the winter than in summer, so I've been getting my moneys worth recently, with my hair feeling oh so lush. With rather thick, layered hair like mine, I have to use at least ten pumps on my ends and then I put the rest over the rest of my hair in order to maintain some sort of acceptable mop on head. It contains nourishing flower oils derived from rose, chamomile, flax and lotus and protects against dehydration and doesn't leave your hair feeling or looking greasy. It's so good for winter, especially with all the wind and rain we have here, it keeps your hair looking fresh, reviving dull hair. You can get this product for £9.99, which isn't cheap but isn't as expensive as competitive products. 110% would recommend.

                                                                                         4: Palmers Natural Bronze Tanning Lotion

Palmers Natural Bronze
Now, believe it or not, I am all for 'embracing natural       beauty' and whatnot, but sometimes it's nice to just be that little bit bronzed, without using a spray or a mouse. This stuff isn't your normal tanner though, oh no. It smells nice. It smells of cocoa butter. None of that manky fake tan smell, just the smell of chocolate. How delicious. As a gradual build up, I was worried that it would take about five layers of the stuff before I noticed any sort of minimal difference, but no. After one layer and a nights sleep, my legs were the colour I love, golden. Not orange or brown, just golden. It doesn't look fake, provided you do a full coverage and don't miss out half of your body... It's also for all skin tones, so is good for everybody to use. It also moisturises which, as you can probably tell, I'm a bit obsessive over in winter. It is enriched with vitamin E and so is even better for your skin. If you want a darker tan, you just put more on, and provided you don't rub it off, it stays on through showers and body wash. If you ask me, I prefer to put some on, leave it for about a day, and then have a shower, meaning the tan is more subtle. You can get this for £7.49 from online stores and places like Boots.

5: Sudocrem

Again, another bit of a weird one, but I promise this stuff works wonders. Especially if you have a ghastly cold in these winter months. Noses get red, dry and uncomfortable, and this stuff helps fix it. It obviously isn't advertised for this, but it's so good. It also works for spots. You know those really painful annoying ones that are just lumps and they never break out? Well this stuff helps, a lot. I won't say it's guaranteed to get rid of the annoying little things, but it did for me last week. It reduces the redness of the skin and the size of it, not using too much though, make sure you use sparingly as it is an antiseptic. There are many wonderful products in the market, but they always seem to run out ridiculously quickly and then you have to go out and buy more, and as my dad regularly reminds me, 'money doesn't grow on trees'. This particular tub has lasted me about three years and I'm not even half way through it. The price of this differs depending on where you get it from and the size you get, but you can get this one (400g) for £5 from ASDA.

6: Cosies and Comfies

Dressing Gowns and Slipper Socks
Not one person can get through winter without these. Dressing gowns and slipper socks provide the comfort one is required to receive when outside is cold and treacherous. You can't really tell from this picture, but mine is the whitest, most fluffy dressing gown you will ever come across in your life. And it was only £20 from New Look. I practically live in this, no lie, as it is the comfiest thing in the actual world. It warms you up super fast and also looks damn good. We all have those days when we just want to be comfortable and cosy, snuggling up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea, trying to look all Pinterest and whatnot, well these make you feel like that. And then slipper socks, well they're slipper socks, need I say anything else? Oh, but get a pair with grips on, I don't want to be responsible any of you falling and breaking your leg...

7: Urban Decay, F-Bomb Lipstick
Urban Decay, F-Bomb

Now, last, but certainly not least, my fave make up product of winter is this gorgeous deep red lipstick from Urban Decay. My friend bought me this for Christmas last year and, although I only wear it on special occasions, not as an everyday kinda lip, it is one of the best lipsticks I've ever used. It is moisturising and long lasting and, provided you use Vaseline and a tissues to get it off, leaves little stain on your lips. It's such a bold, beautiful colour I promise you, once you buy ANY Urban Decay lipstick, you shall not look back. Now it's not fashionable with all the 'matte liquid lipsticks' but it's just as good and gorgeous. It's such a wintery colour. I've just checked the Urban Decay website, but I can't seem to find it. There lipsticks normally retail at about £15, so not cheap, but not the most expensive in the world.

Well, I think that's me done. I hope you liked this post. It's a little different to normal, but I thought I might mix it up a bit, give y'all some tips and tricks and lovely products.  Now there are a couple of weird products in this, but I hope I managed to show you that products can be used for multiple purposes, and some products should be used all year round, at least, they should do in my opinion.
Also loved taking the photos for this, felt proper arty 😏

I like writing this sort of post. It's different, but fun.
Hope you're all doing okay, and if not, keep going because you're doing grand 😊

Adios Amigos


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