Friday, 30 December 2016

Rant 001


This post is basically just the biggest rant you will ever read, and it's because right now, I'm crayyyzy pissed off; I mean, what is there to not understand about boys? Well let me tell you something. There is a hella lot.
Pour example: why they think it's acceptable to openly, publicly wolf-whistle at any lass they want, or slap a girl's ass like a piece of meat because they think it looks good? Nah. A girl should be treated the way anyone should be treated - with respect. You think a girl looks fire, great, well done you, but at no point has she allowed you to PUBLICLY (or privately, I guess) vocalise your opinion on her. If you're in a relationship with said girl, then yeah, that's a different story in it's entirety, hopefully you, as a couple, with have established some ground rules when it comes to PDAs and whatnot, and you can tell each other when they over step the mark, but until or unless that girl is your girl and you're all official and everything, YOU CANNOT EVER call her out on how she is looking, whether on the streets or in a store or wherever. It's actually disgusting. And the girls that go after it are either attention seekers or just plain sluts. You don't believe this sort of thing really happens, do you? Not still? This link - New York Harrassment - December 2016 - contains the sort of thing a woman goes through just walking through the streets. Pleased to say this girl smashes each of these men into little pieces, but she shouldn't need to. We shouldn't need to.

Don't flirt because you feel like it, or want to show your mates a girl that you've 'pulled. Don't get her hopes up and then end it with 'it was just a bit of fun, I thought you knew?' - now that is a crappy move. I get when you're about 12 and you're 'in a relationship' with the date you 'became official' in each others Instagram bio, you've just got a boyfriend because it's cool or whatever, but that's not my point. You soon get to an age when relationships mean much more than that. They make her feel wanted and appreciated. If you do that right and don't behave like an idiot, then you're safe. It's really not that much of an ask. If you've got an issue then TALK ABOUT IT!! I appreciate lads apparently find it harder to be open up about their feelings and emotions, but this is your lady and you're her man. If you properly love each other, you will talk about it / write it down, and try to come to some sort of solution.

Boys can be the most controlling, manipulative little feckers who can mess up your life. I'd like to say we live in a more accepting and equal society now, but unfortunately there are still people who continuously call out a girl because of her looks or the way she dresses or even her career. There are somethings women simply cannot do that men can, and there are some things that men can do that may take a woman a little longer to do and vice versa, but that doesn't mean that we're not equals. So what makes you think that you have some sort of right to be an actual imbecile.

Boys, please don't think that a girl's life revolves around you. You might be her world right now, but she can survive without you. You really aren't god's gift, despite what your momma says. You cheat on your girl, she'll leave you. Yeah, she'll cry and she'll be broken for maybe a day or a week, but she can move on. She's with you because she loves you and she sees a future, not just for sex or whatever else boys look for in relationships. When a girl says you've got one more chance, you've got one more chance. Don't act all angry and upset when you break that last chance, she gave you warning. Don't try to win her back with flattery and apology. It doesn't work like that. A relationship isn't just for love, it's for support, safety and commitment, and as soon as you break that or fail to that, she'll notice. Likely hood is, she won't say anything to you, she'll wait until she has more proof and then the second you stretch across that line even further, don't even bother trying. She's not a push over, she doesn't need to rely on you - yes she could've before - but not any more.

Anyway, my fingers hurt from typing so quickly and my brain hurts from actual exhaustion and anger. I appreciate that not every single lad is like this, but unfortunately, some are and it's a joke. Stop. If you're not, then dm me please 😉🙋. I'm joking - I'm in a happy relationship with no one and I'd like to keep it that way for the time being.

Adios Amigos


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