Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I've Made A Decision

So, as the title suggests, I've made a decision. It's not a major decision, but I guess it could be kind of life-changing.
I've decided to get fit. This doesn't necessarily mean losing weight, although if that is an added side affect of it then so be it, it just means not lounging around doing nothing when I could be doing something better. Eating healthier and not snacking so much in between meals. Drinking more water and avoiding the infamous fast food restaurants.

I've decided to take you all along with me, sharing with you some of my favourite recipes as some healthy foods and drinks can taste like liquidised grass, and also fitness routines (or at least attempt to) that I do at home. I'm not joining a gym because that's freaking expensive. I'll just be using different apps and suggestions in my spare room. Before sixth form, I used to be healthy. Not the health freak that only eats quinoa and kale and drinks protein shakes as meal supplement, but I did regular exercise and ate a reasonable enough diet, so much so that I probably wouldn't get diabetes or heart disease, you know? But now my diet consists of regular snacking, eating meals when I feel like it and next to no exercise, other than the walk around my school which constitute of many stairs and is on rather a large plot. And I've noticed the difference. I'm tired more often, I'm putting on weight, my skin could be a hell of a lot better and I'm just generally not as fit as I used to be.

This itself stresses me out. I've got my summer holidays booked now, and I want to look moderately decent in the photos, and also feel more confident in myself. As they say, healthy body, healthy mind. I guess that's another reason for doing this. I know we all say, once we've got the holiday booked, "right, I need to get fit" and it gets to the night before you fly and you try to do six months healthy eating and exercise in about 45 minutes, maybe even adding your gym shorts, sports bras and trainers in to your luggage, claiming that you'll "work out when you get there" because "you'll be more motivated once you arrive" but what you really do is arrive, feel the sun, slip in to a bikini, slap on the sun cream and sleep on the beach for the next week or so. But no. This time, I'm doing it, and I'm hoping that by doing it on here, it makes me more committed to it. I want to do this. It's not about losing weight or getting slim, it's about toning up, being healthy and feeling better about myself.

I'm still going to do other posts, like, life update things, and I will still be talking about mental health and trials and tribulations and helpful tips and tricks, just life type posts, but that will also come under getting healthy as I really hope this will have a positive impact on my health, not only physically but mentally.

Ah well. This is only a short post, but hopefully the beginning of a whole new series, one where I look positively at life a bit more, as I really feel like I don't do that very often.
Anyways, I look forward to sharing this part of life with you, sharing my experiences and results and what not with you all.
Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot to me.

Adios Amigos


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